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 The registration to NATMEC2012 + ICWIM6 can be made on the NATMEC web site.
But the options proposed by ISWIM are not available there. Thus, if you want to select some of these options you are invited to register here, or to register on the NATMEC site and to order your options here apart.

 Before to register, you must sign up to this web site (ISWIM) or identify yourself with your login and password if already registered to ISWIM. Your registration will be completed only when your payment will be received by ISWIM (so be careful with the payment delay to get the early bird or advance rates).


All the payment shall be made either on line by credit card (through Paypal), or by bank transfer to ISWIM (Bank information at the bottom of the registration form).
  Contact: Lily Poulikakos, EMPA, Überlandstrasse 129, CH-8600 Dübendorf
SWITZERLAND   tel: +41 448 234 479 - fax: +41 448 216 244

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